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         Maskelyne Nevil:     more books (76)
  1. A Further Selection of Locomotives I Have Known by John Nevil Maskelyne, Joseph Martin, et all 1962
  2. ON THE MINERAL CONSTITUENTS OF METEORITES. by Nevil. Story-Maskelyne, 1870-01-01
  3. The history of a mystery!: An explanation of the great box trick : origin of the box feat, how performed & burlesqued by imitators by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1873
  4. The petrology of the Stonehenge stones by Nevil Story Maskelyne, 1876
  5. Comparison of Dr. Maskelyne's catalogue, with that deduced from the new transit instrument (The nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year) by John Pond, 1819
  6. OUR MAGIC the Art in Magic , the Theory of Magic , the Practice of Magic by David ; Nevil Maskelyne Devant, 1992
  7. Maskelyne & Cooke, the royal illusionists and anti-spiritualists: A guide to their original and unique entertainment of modern miracles : with a short ... and a reference to some celebrated automata by England) Egyptian Hall (London, 1876
  8. Maskelyne and Cooke: An expose of the falseness of their pretensions by Iota, 1875
  9. The history of a thousand pound challenge: An object lesson for the spiritualists by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1907
  10. The history of a thousand pound challenge: An object lesson for spiritualists by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1906
  11. Our magic: The art in magic : the theory of magic : the practice of magic (Magic classic series) by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1992
  12. The fraud of "Theosophy" exposed: A brief history of the greatest imposture ever perpetrated under the cloak of religion by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1912
  13. Locomotives I have known by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1959
  14. The magnetic lady, or, A human magnet de-magnetised by John Nevil Maskelyne, 1892

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