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  1. Introduction À La Philosophie Des Mathématiques: Et Technie De L'Algorithmie (French Edition) by Józef Maria Hoëné-Wronski, 2010-01-10
  2. Recherches Sur Les Surfaces Du Second Ordre, Part 1; Etudes Geometriques Sur La Theorie Des paralleles; Notice Sur Hoene Wronski (1866) (French Edition) by Barthelemy Aoust, J. Houel, et all 2010-02-23
  3. Thèses D'après Hoené Wronski. Philosophie De La Religion, Ou, Solution Des Problèmes De L'existence De Dieu Et De L'immortalité De L'homme (French Edition) by Lazare Auger, 2010-03-07
  4. Thèses D'après Hoené Wronski: Philosophie De La Religion, Ou Solution Des Problèmes De L'existence De Dieu Et De L'immortalité De L'homme ... (French Edition) by Lazare Augé, 2010-02-23
  5. Hoene Wronski i jego udzia w rozwiniciu ostateczném wiedzy ludzkiéj by L. Niedzwiecki, 2009-01-28
  6. Hoene Wronski i jego udzial w rozwinieciu ostateczném wiedzy ludzkiéj (Polish Edition) by L. Niedzwiecki, 1844-01-01
  7. Nouveaux Systêmes De Machines À Vapeur Fondés Sur La Découverte Des Vraies Lois Des Forces Mécaniques (French Edition) by Józef Maria Hoëné-Wronski, 2010-03-15
  8. Messianisme Ou Reforme Absolue Du Savoir Humain (1847) (French Edition) by Hoene Wronski, 2010-05-23
  9. Critique De La Theorie Des Fonctions Generatrices De M. Laplace (1819) (French Edition) by Hoene Wronski, 2010-09-10
  10. Le Faux Napoleonisme (1840) (French Edition) by Jozef Maria Hoene-Wronski, 2010-05-22
  11. Secret Politique De Napoleon (1840) (French Edition) by Hoene Wronski, 2010-02-23
  12. Document Pour L'Histoire Des Grands Fourbes Qui Ont Figure Sur La Terre (1818) (French Edition) by Pierre Joseph Arson, Hoene Wronski, 2010-05-22
  13. Secret Politique De Napoléon: Comme Base De L'Avenir Moral Du Monde (French Edition) by Józef Maria Hoëné-Wronski, 2010-01-09
  14. Philosophie Absolue De L'Histoire De Genese De L'Humanite, Part 1 (1852) (French Edition) by Hoene Wronski, 2010-09-10

1. Wronski, Josef Maria Hoene - Bright Sparcs Biographical Entry
wronski, Josef Maria hoene Bright Sparcs Biographical entry, Bright Sparcs is abiographical, bibliographical and archival database of Australian scientists
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Wronski, Josef Maria Hoene
Mathematician Born: Poland? Wronski was a Polish mathematical philosopher. Structure based on ISAAR(CPF) - click here for an explanation of the fields Prepared by: McCarthy, G.J.
Created: 20 October 1993
Modified: 19 November 1999 Published by Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on ASAPWeb
Originally published by Australian Science Archives Project.
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Updated: 3 March 2003
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2. - Livres écrits Par WARRAIN FRANCIS
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Wilton, John Raymond (1884 1944), Mathematician Wood, Graham Raymond (1947 - ),Mathematician wronski, Josef Maria hoene, Mathematician Mathematics teacher
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Kennedy, Alexander Lorimer (1889 - ?), Magnetic observer Parkinson, Wilfred Charles (1884 - 1964), Magnetic observer Wallis, William Fisher (1874 - 1963), Geophysicist and Magnetic observer
Green, John Wilbur (1873 - 1971), Magnetician and Physicist Johnston, Henry Freeborn (1888 - 1965), Magnetician Kay, Joseph Henry ( - 1875), Magnetician and Geophysicist Lefroy, John Henry (1817 - 1890), Magnetician and Colonial governor ... Neumayer, Georg Balthazar (1826 - 1909), Magnetician and Meteorologist
Fairley, Neil Hamilton (1891 - 1966), Malariologist and Medical scientist
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Da Vinci, Leonardo, Man of science and Artist
Ansell, Eric, Manufacturer Ariell, Thomas Harris (1832 - 1875), Manufacturer Arnott, William (1827 - 1901), Manufacturer Barker, Thomas (1799 - 1875), Engineer, Manufacturer, Grazier and Philanthropist ... Zeigler, Johann, Manufacturer
Manufacturing chemist
Boden, Alexander (1913 - 1993), Manufacturing chemist and Science writer

4. Korzybski Org
Home Józef Maria hoenewronski. Niedzwiecki, L.. hoene wronski i jego udzialw rozwinieciu ostateczném wiedzy ludzkiéj., L. Niedzwiecki. Paryz, 1844.
From The History of the Theory of Determinants (Vol. I, 1906) by Thomas Muir DETERMINANTS IN GENERAL, FROM THE YEAR 1784 TO 1812. The writers of this period are eight in number, viz., Hindenburg, Rothe, Gauss , Monge, Hirsch, Binet, Prasse, Wronski . Of these the first two and Prasse, belonging as they did to the so-called Combinatorial School, were not independent of one another ; Hirsch was a mere expositor ; and the others were authors who had not specially studied the subject, but who had attained results in it in the course of other investigations. [p54] WRONSKI, (1812).
In 1810 Wronski presented to the Institute of France a memoir on the so-called Technie de l'Algorithmie Combinatory sums . The memoir consisted merely of a statement of results, and probably on this account, although favourably reported on by Lagrange and Lacroix, was not printed. The subject of it, however, turns us repeatedly in the printed two years later ; and from the indications there given we can so far form an idea of the grasp which Wronski had of the theory of the said sums At page 14 [. . . etc. ]

5. Korzybski Org
Galileo. Gantt. Gautama. Gibbs. Helmholtz. Helvétius. Herrick. Hertz. Hobbes. hoenewronski.Hogben. Hubbard. Hume. Wm. James. Jefferson. Jennings. Jevons. RJ Kennedy. Keyser.
Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski
Count Korzybski
. . the resolute facing of the world . . Thomas Henry Huxley T HE GENIUS of Alfred, the Count Korzybski (1879-1950) is being taken here as a stable datum, the location for the origin O  of a frame of reference as it were. Contact Abelard d'Alembert J. Alexander ... Issues "What is That to Me?" The layman, the "practical" man, the man on the street, says, What is that to me? The answer is positive and weighty. Our life is entirely dependent on the established doctrines of ethics, sociology, political economy, government, law, medical science, etc. This affects everyone consciously or unconsciously, the man in the street in the first place, because he is the most defenseless. A LFRED K ORZYBSKI "The Brotherhood of Doctrines", April 1924. This workshop has begun on 22 June 2000

6. Wronski (was: Enc. Americana Mathematician Biographies (L-Z)) By Antreas P. Hatz His mathematical work waspublished in 4 volumes hoene wronski, Joseph Marie Oeuvres mathematiques.
Wronski (was: Enc. Americana Mathematician Biographies (L-Z)) by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
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7. Wronski (was: Enc. Americana Mathematician Biographies (L-Z)) By Antreas P. Hatz
wronski. html His mathematical work was published in 4 volumes hoene wronski, Joseph Marie Oeuvres mathematiques.
Wronski (was: Enc. Americana Mathematician Biographies (L-Z)) by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
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Subject: Wronski (was: Enc. Americana Mathematician Biographies (L-Z)) Author: Date: Antreas The Math Forum

8. Mura1
Translate this page Prof. Dr. Roman Murawski (Universität Poznán) Józef Maria hoene-wronski- Philosoph und Mathematiker. In dem Vortrag werden Leben

9. Prog2.html
Translate this page 15.00 15.40 Uhr, Prof. Dr. Roman Murawski (Universität Poznán) JózefMaria hoene-wronski - Philosoph und Mathematiker. 15.40 16.00 Uhr, Pause.

10. Untitled
It was THE ORDER OF SATURN (Saturnian Order) and it was founded by a man namedJoseph Maria hoenewronski (1776-1853) who was the essential and basic teacher
First let me make it absolutely clear what exactly it is I am talking about. I am talking about "theosophy" the thing itself, and not some or another organization misappropriating the name. I am talking about "theosophy" which is the speculative philosophical approach to the knowledge of all things that was first made famous in the 3rd century of the common era in Alexandria in Egypt, and of which the primary purpose, beyond the acquisition of knowledge, was to attempt to fend off the conquest of the world by ignorance and superstition, by which I mean to describe the Judeo-Christian world view.
Now I most distinctly do NOT mean the various Theosophical societies extant today, all of which are distinctly manifestations of the "religious urge", and which therefore, are entirely dichotomous to the views and opinions and speculations of Plato, and both his precursors, and his Neo-Platonic successors.
Whether they are oriented towards a combination of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Brahmanism as is the Original Theosophical Society (Adyar) and it's various National sub- sections , or towards "New Age Christianity" as is the Group that has evolved out of the writings of Alice Bailey ( a position towards which the American Section of the Adyar Society is turning) all of the institutional Theosophies are basically religions with bodies of doctrines that are entirely dogmatic in their approach, and relatively rigid hierarchical World-views. These hierarchical views are far more consonant with authoritarian totalitarianism than they are with the nature of theosophy as it was in it's third century format. The History of the various Theosophical Societies, and those of some of their more important leaders, shows an undeniable affinity towards various totalitarian- authoritarian political movements, such as German National socialism and Italian Fascism.

11. TelefonListe EMIL
Jan Ove Øyen, 91814760, JM Höne wronski, Vestbøstad, 47660237,
EMILs telefonliste
Du kan selv melde deg på telefonlista litt lenger nede på sida
Navn: Tlf. privat: Mobil: Email: Anders Almås Anders Arvesen Anders G. Eriksen Anders Holm Foosnsæs Anders Lauvdal Andreas Andersen Andreas Kamfjord Andreas Kristoffersen Anette Gulseth Roaas Anja Rydning Ann Sofie Hanssen Anne-Gro R Anne-Gro Randeberg Arild Solli Knudsen Arne Johan Hestnes Arne Rannestad Aslak Mæland Astrid Gaustad Astrid Røkke Atle Lundekvam Axel Hammer Axel Norman Bendik W. Lenæs birger bjørland Bjørn Bjørstad Pedersen Bjørn Simonsen

It was under the guidance of the well known mathematician hoenewronski(born 1778 in Poland, died 1853 in France). {New research
CHRONICLE OF THE LODGE FRATERNITAS SATURNI By Mastr. .’.Giovanni.’. From old annals it is known that from the end of the 17 th to the beginning of the 18 th century, there existed a Brotherhood of Saturn in Denmark and Sweden. This Brotherhood had only a few members and they led a hidden existence. They studied mainly Mysticism, Alchemy and Esoteric subjects. A high spiritual attainment was expected and demanded from its members. Their researches were based on a pure mathematical foundation, therefore practiced classical Greek recognition principles. The origin of the Brotherhood and the inspiration behind its teachings are traceable to a secret Master from Tashkent, in Central Asia. Unfortunately there are no records of the development or extension of the Order. Research shows no mention of their existence at the end of the 18 th In the year 1921 the book dealer and editor Eugen Grosche by order of Master .’.Recnartus (Heinrich Traenker), Grandmaster of the Rosicrucian movement in Germany and its affiliated Orders, founded the Pansophia Lodge – Orient Berlin. Master .’.Pacitus (UFA architect Albin Grau) was appointed Master of the Chair of the Orient Berlin, Frater .’.Gregorius was nominated Secretary of the Lodge. The Lodge was ritually installed by Master .’.Recnartus. In the year 1925 a secret conference which lasted several days was held in Thuringia, Germany. The following persons took part at the conference:

13. Philosophy
Marcin Ulam; hoene wronski; Antoni Zygmund; Andrzej Mostowski. Returnto home page. © 1995 Wieslaw Michalak /
Philosophy and Mathematics
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14. NewPoland - Famous Poles: Scientists
hoenewronski, Jozef (1776-1853), philosopher and scientist. He was devoted tosuch diverse disciplines as philosophy, mathematics, economics and politics.
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Could this be a clue to Polish connections, such as from the Shabbetean/Frankistquarter, or from hoenewronski? Anyhow, Brother DG gives the event as follows

The politics behind the French Occult Revival were influenced by the Messianismof hoene wronski and Junius Frey. wronski, Josef Maria de hoene.

17. –‚pl–¼˜^–ÚŽŸ
Nina Harris, Lady Frieda Harris, Thmas Lake Hartmann, Franz Heindel, Max Hirsig,Leah Hockly, Frederick Hodson, Geoffrey hoenewronski, JM Honorius Horniman
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A B C D Abraham the Jew
Adam, Hieronymus

Adler, Margot

d'Olivet, Antoine, Fabre

E F G H Eddy, Mary Baker
Eguchi, Baitei

Esquiros, Alphonse

Huysmans, J. K
I J K L Iff, Simon Irwin, Francis George Jacob, Eugene James I ... Kelly, Edward Kirby, W. F. Kiki Kingsford, Anna Knight, Gareth Lamb, John ... Levi, Eliphas M N O P Maitland, Edward Martello, Leo Mathers, Moina Mathers, S. L. M Mead, G. R. S. Moses, W. Stainton Mudd, Norman Neuberg, Victor Norton, Thomas Olcott, Amos Olcott, H. S. Oliphant, Laurence Oujupah ... Paracelsus Pattinson, T. H. Peck, William Peladan, Josephin Pickingill, George Pollexfen, George Poppins, Mary ... Petrus de Abano Q R S T Rand, Helen Regardie, Israel Ripley, George Rosenkrutz, C. Sanders, Alex Sanders, Maxine Scot, Michael Shirley, Sir Ralph ... Smith, Helene Smith, Pamela Coleman Spare, A. O Spedarieri, Baron Stephens, Samantha Stoddart, C. M. Swedenborg, Emmanuel Taverner, Dr. Taxil, Leo Thomas, R. P. Tristan, Flora Tweedel, V. U V W X Underhill, Evelyn Valiente, Doreen Vaughan, Diana Vaughan, Thomas Waite, A. E Wang, Robert Wilde, Constance Westcott, W. W ... Woodman, W. R Y Z orders and societies Yarker, John

Translate this page Messianistes polonais. Et, parmi eux, les moins célèbres me paraissentles plus grands je désigne ici hoene-wronski et Towianski.
et Conrad Wallenrod , et Pan Tadeusz Le Roi Esprit Lilla Veneda Balladyna l'Aube
PADEREWSKI I. J. La Pologne. Agence polonaise de presse, 27, quai de la Tournelle, Paris.
POSNER S. La Pologne d'hier et de demain. Paris, F. Alcan.
PRIVAT E. La Pologne sous la rafale. Payot et Cie, Paris.
SZERLECKA W. Un Saint des temps modernes. Paris, Charles Amat, 11, rue Cassette.

Translate this page Dans des inspirations sublimes nos poètes mystiques Mickiewicz, Slowacki et Krasinskiet aussi André Towianski et hoene wronski ont tous déclaré que la
On ignore beaucoup la Pologne.

20. Wronski
and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes Stanisaw wronski, Ryszard Pohorecki,Jacek Siwinski. TwAlrca filozofii absolutnej rzecz o hoene wronskim Lech
Atrium Books Results for 'Wronski' Showing 10 of 20 products Social Studies and Social Sciences: A 50-Year Perspective
Stanley P. Wronski, Donald H. Bragaw Numerical Problems in Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemical Engineering Processes
Stanisaw Wronski, Ryszard Pohorecki, Jacek Siwinski Beginning Vxd Programming
Dan Wronski Tw³rca filozofii absolutnej : rzecz o Hoene Wronskim
Lech ¡ukomski Hoene-Wronski
Adam Sikora Kazn Polak³w przy ul. Pomorskiej 2 w Krakowie w latach 1939-1945
Tadeusz Wronski Fort Krzes±awicki, miejsce masowych egzekucji Polak³w w Krakowie w latach 1939-1941
Tadeusz Wronski The Singer and His Art
Thaddeus Wronski "Liban"karny ob³z s±uzby budowlanej w Krakowie w latach 1942-1944
Tadeusz Wronski The being, sense and explanation
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