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         Wolfowitz Jacob:     more detail
  1. The 25th Anniversary of the Thomas L. Saaty and Jacob Wolfowitz Prizes: New Advances and Applications by Prize Winners (The American Sciences Press Series in Mathematical and Management Sciences)
  2. Hochschullehrer (Tampa): Kwasi Wiredu, Richard C. Lukas, Robert Plutchik, Knocky Parker, Jacob Wolfowitz (German Edition)
  3. Coding theorems of information theory (Reihe: Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und mathematische Statistik) by Jacob Wolfowitz, 1961
  4. Maximum probability estimators and related topics (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 424) by Lionel Weiss, Jacob Wolfowitz, 1974
  5. Jacob Wolfowitz Selected Papers by Jacob; Edited By j. Kiefer wolfowitz, 1979
  6. Least squares: [lectures by J. Wolfowitz, Columbia University by Jacob Wolfowitz, 1948
  7. Supplementary notes on the theory of statistical estimation and of testing hypothesis ; Correlation and Chi-square test by Jacob Wolfowitz, 1948
  8. Correlation and chi-square test;: Lectures [given for] Mathematical Statistics 114, Columbia University, spring 1948 by Jacob Wolfowitz, 1948
  9. Supplementary notes on the theory of statistical estimation and of testing hypotheses by Jacob Wolfowitz, 1950
  10. 25th Anniversary of the Thomas J. Saaty and Jacob Wolfowitz Prizes: New Advances and Applications. by Edward J. Dudewicz Et Al, 2005
  11. 25th Anniversary of the Thomas J. Saaty and Jacob Wolfowitz Prizes: New Advances and by EdwardJ.DudewiczEtAl, 2005
  12. 25th Anniversary of the Thomas J. Saaty and Jacob Wolfowitz Prizes: New Advances and Applications By Prize Winners, II. by Edward J. Dudewicz Et Al, 2005

1. Wolfowitz
Jacob Wolfowitz. Born Jacob Wolfowitz's father emigrated to the USA in1914 and Jacob joined him in 1920 when he was ten years old. Jacob
Jacob Wolfowitz
Born: 19 March 1910 in Warsaw, Russian Poland
Died: 16 July 1981 in Tampa, Florida, USA
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Jacob Wolfowitz 's father emigrated to the USA in 1914 and Jacob joined him in 1920 when he was ten years old. Jacob attended High School in New York and, having graduated, entered the College of the City of New York. While Wolfowitz was in the middle of his undergraduate course the Great Depression began. The Great Depression began in 1929 and by 1932 one quarter of the workers in the United States were unemployed. When Wolfowitz graduated in 1931 there was little prospects of good employment so he the next ten years teaching mathematics in a number of different high schools while he worked towards his doctorate. In 1934 Wolfowitz married Lillian Dundes; they had one daughter, born in 1941 and a son Paul, born in 1943. Wolfowitz met Wald in 1938 and they began a collaboration which lasted until Wald 's death [2]:- They were the closest of friends, and Wolfowitz regarded

2. Wolfowitz
Jacob Wolfowitz. Born 19 March Jacob Wolfowitz's father emigratedto the USA in 1914 and Jacob joined him in 1920. He obtained a

3. References For Wolfowitz
References for jacob wolfowitz. Biography Books J Kiefer (ed.), jacob wolfowitz selected papers (New York Heidelberg- Berlin, 1980). Articles
References for Jacob Wolfowitz
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  • L Weiss, Personal reminiscences of Jack Wolfowitz, in The frontiers of modern statistical inference procedures, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1982 (Columbus, OH, 1985), 5-6.
  • L Weiss, Lionel The research of Jack Wolfowitz, in The frontiers of modern statistical inference procedures, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1982 (Columbus, OH, 1985), 1-4. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR September 2001 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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    THE 1997 THOMAS L. SAATY AND jacob wolfowitz PRIZES. The 1997 jacob wolfowitzPrize has been awarded to Professor L. Györfi (Technical
    The 1997 Jacob Wolfowitz Prize has been awarded to (Technical University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary), Professor I. Vajda (Institute of Information Theory, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic), and Professor Edward C. van der Meulen (Department of Mathematics, Catholic University of Louvain, Leuven, Belgium) for their paper `` Minimum Kolmogorov Distance Estimates for Multivariate Parametrized Families '', which the judges stated ``includes beautiful theory'' in its ``results which will be useful in theory and application'' and includes an application to the multivariate normal location family. The 1997 Thomas L. Saaty Prize has been awarded to Professor Jorge L. Romeu (State University of New York, Cortland, New York) and (Ege University, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey) for their paper `` A New Graphical Test for Multivariate Normality '', which the judges stated ``provides a practical approach to a common problem'' with ``a new methodology for assessing distributional assumptions of multivariate data, complete with properties and comparisons''. The Prize winning articles both appeared in MSI-2000: Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Honor of Professor Minoru Siotani on his 70th Birthday (ISBN 0-935950-39-7) edited by Takesi Hayakawa (Hitotsubashi University, Japan), Makoto Aoshima (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan), and Kunio Shimizu (Science University of Tokyo, Japan), and also in Vol. 16 or the American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences (ISSN 0196-6324). The Awards Committee consists of distinguished researchers in the mathematical, statistical, and management sciences worldwide. The authors receive a monetary award and suitably engraved certificate. Authors wishing to have their papers published and considered for the Prizes should submit them to one of the Editors: Edward J. Dudewicz (Mathematical Sciences), Z. Govindarajulu (Statistical Sciences), and Bruce L. Golden (Management Sciences).


    6. Jacob Wolfowitz, March 19, 1910–July 16, 1981 | By Shelemyahu Zacks | Biographi
    jacob wolfowitz March 19, 1910–July 16, 1981 By Shelemyahu Zacks.jacob jacob wolfowitz was born in Poland on March 19, 1910. He
    BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS National Academy of Sciences
    Jacob Wolfowitz
    By Shelemyahu Zacks
    J Up to the sudden death of Abraham Wald (a plane crash while visiting India) in 1950, Wolfowitz collaborated in research mainly with Wald. Starting in 1952 he collaborated with professors Arye Dvoretzky of Hebrew University, Jack Kiefer of Cornell and University of California at Berkeley, and Lionel Weiss of Cornell University. In the 1960s and 1970s Wolfowitz collaborated with R. Ahlswede in his research on coding theory. Lionel Weiss wrote an excellent summary of the research contributions of Wolfowitz, which can be found in the volume Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences Another more comprehensive summary is given in the collection of Wolfowitz's papers compiled by Jack Kiefer. Wolfowitz contributed in his research to the following areas of statistical theory: nonparametric inference, sequential analysis, statistical decision theory, asymptotic statistical theory, maximum probability estimators, design of experiments, probability theory, queuing and inventory theory, and information theory. I will give here a short nontechnical summary of these accomplishments. Nonparametric statistical inference is an area of estimation or testing hypotheses that does not assume a particular functional form of the distribution of the observed random variables. The nonparametric procedures are also called distribution free. A nonparametric estimator of the distribution function (cdf), F(x), of a random variable, based on n iid random variables X

    7. J. Wolfowitz
    664 666. jacob wolfowitz (1910-1981). (An extensive discussion of these contributionscan be found in jacob wolfowitz Selected Papers, J. Kiefer Ed.

    SEPTEMBER 1982, VOLUME 28, NUMBER 5, IETTAW, (ISSN 00189448). EDITORIAL,In Memorium jacob wolfowitz, 687. PAPERS, Bruce E. Hajek, Information

    9. ·j´Mµ²ªG
    Wishart, John, ?, 18981956. Wold, Herman Ole Andreas, , 1908-1992.wolfowitz, jacob, ?, 1910-1981. Yates, Frank, , 1902-1994.
    ·j´Mµ²ªG¦Cªí ¦~ ¥N Aitken, Alexander Craig Anderson, Oskar Nikolayevick ¦w¼w´Ë Arbuthnot, John ªü¥¬´µ¿Õ¯S Babbage, Charles ¤Ú¨©¦N Bancroft, Theodore Alfonso ¯Z§J¹¤Ò¯S Bayes, Reverend Thomas Benini, Rodolpho Berkson, Joseph ¬f§J´Ë Bernoulli, Jacques ¸ë«¶´µ§B§V¤O Bienayme, Jules Birnbaum, Allan §BÀj©i Bonferroni, Carlo Emilio Bortkiewicz, Ladislaus von ªiº¸¯S³Íºû´þ Bose, Raj Chandra Bowley, Arthur Lyon Àj§Q Campion, Sir Harry Cauchy, Augustin-Louis Chebyshev, Pafnuty Lvovich Cochran, William Gemmell ¬ì§J­Û Cox, Gertrude Mary ¬_§J´µ Cramer, Harald §JÄõÀq David, Florence Nightingale ¤j½ De Finetti, Bruno ¼w¡D¶O©`¸¦ Deming, Edwards De Moivre, Abraham DeWitt, Johan Edgeworth, Francis Ysidro ¦ã¦N¨U´µ Elfving, Erik Gustav Farr, William ªkº¸ Feller, William ¶O¦Cº¸ Fisher, lring ¶O³· Fisher, Sir Ronald Aylmer ¶O³· Galton, Sir Francis °ªº¸¹y Gardner, Martin ¸¯µn¯à Gauss, Karl Friedrich Gini, Corrado Gnedenko, Boris ¦Nµn§J Gossett, William Sealy °ª¶ë¯S Graunt, John ¸¯¿Õ¯S Greenwood, Major ®æªL¥î¼w Guy, William Augustus Hannan, E.J. ¿««n Hansen, Morris Howard Hartley, Herman Otto «¢¯SµÜ Hill, Austin Bradford

    10. TNR Online Team W. By Jacob Heilbrunn
    Team W. by jacob Heilbrunn shortly before the East Timorese situation flared out ofcontrol, but I'll ask Condoleezza Rice, or I'll ask Paul wolfowitz, or I

    11. Reason
    Time in Advance Preventive detention for enemy combatants By jacob Sullum. DeputyDefense Secretary Paul wolfowitz calls Jose Padilla, aka Abdullah al Muhajir
    Jacob Sullum's
    Syndicated Column

    Jack B. Trick

    Partial Truths

    Kosher Cops

    Earlier Columns

    June 14, 2002 Time in Advance
    Preventive detention for "enemy combatants"
    By Jacob Sullum
    In the new movie Minority Report , the police arrest people for crimes they are expected to commit in the future. Our own government seems to be laying the groundwork for a similar policy. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz calls Jose Padilla, a.k.a. Abdullah al Muhajir, "a very dangerous man," and perhaps he is. But by locking him up indefinitely without bringing charges, the government is setting a precedent for preventive detention of any U.S. citizen whom the president decides to put on the country's enemy list. This maneuver makes due process disappear through misdirection and circular reasoning: If you're a terrorist, you're an "enemy combatant." Therefore, the government does not have to prove you're a terrorist. Attorney General John Ashcroft says Padilla, a former Chicago gang member who converted to Islam, has met repeatedly with leaders of Al Qaeda, undergone training in the use of explosives, and studied the mechanics of "dirty bombs." The FBI arrested him on May 8 after he flew from Pakistan to Chicago, allegedly to research possible targets. Yet the Justice Department never charged Padilla with a crime. After detaining him for a month as a "material witness," the government decided he was actually an "enemy combatant," so he was turned over to the Defense Department, which is now holding him at the Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, S.C.

    12. Reason
    By jacob Sullum. That may sound uncontroversial, but at the proIsrael rally in Washingtonon April 15 Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul wolfowitz prompted boos
    Jacob Sullum's
    Syndicated Column

    Jack B. Trick

    Partial Truths

    Kosher Cops

    Earlier Columns

    April 26, 2002 Minimizing the Damage
    How should the IDF be judged?
    By Jacob Sullum
    The Web site of the Israel Defense Forces shows aerial photographs of Jenin before and after the IDF's recent operation there. The second picture zooms in on the refugee camp where most of the fighting occurred. There's a black oval around the combat zone, where buildings have been demolished by Israeli tanks and bulldozers. The area represents about a tenth of the camp, which itself is only part of the city. "The Palestinian claim in the world-wide media concerning the dimensions of the damage does not stand the reality test," says the IDF. "From the photographs one can unequivocally see that the proportions of the damage in the Jenin Refugee Camp following Operation 'Defensive Shield' are significantly smaller than those described and published." As a team appointed by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan begins its investigation of the fighting in Jenin, the IDF's point is not trivial: News coverage has created an exaggerated sense of the destruction caused by Israeli forces. But the attempt to put the damage in perspective does not answer the question of whether it was justified. Likewise, it is important to establish an accurate count of civilian casualties. But even if the true number turns out to be far lower than the Palestinians have claimed, that does not mean the IDF did everything it could to avoid killing noncombatants.

    Translate this page LES DATES IMPORTANTES 1943 Né à New York, de jacob wolfowitz, immigrantjuif polonais, et de Lillian wolfowitz née Dundes. 1965

    14. Jacob Weisberg, "Doctrine, Heal Thyself," Slate, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2001, At 2:2
    jacob Weisberg, Doctrine, Heal Thyself, Slate, Tuesday, Sept. At the hawkish endof things is Paul wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, who is said to
    Jacob Weisberg, "Doctrine, Heal Thyself," Slate , Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2001, at 2:24 p.m. PT
    Powell's advocacy of a more limited war against terrorism squares with the views he expressed during the previous Bush administration and his attitude toward military intervention in general. The "Powell Doctrine"a term first used by Bob Woodward in a 1990 Washington Post article about the Desert Shield deployment in advance of the Gulf Warstands for the idea that the United States should intervene militarily only as a last resort and only then with overwhelming, decisive force. This doctrine was supposed to provide an analytic framework for deciding when America should and shouldn't start shooting in the post-Cold War world. In fact, the case for infrequent use of massive force was originally described as a "Cheney-Powell Doctrine." It became Powell's alone when the then-Joint Chiefs chairman and the then-secretary of defense split over the Gulf War. Powell, for whom Vietnam has been a deep and lasting influence, argued for giving economic sanctions and diplomacy more time to work before responding militarily to Saddam's invasion of Kuwait. Cheney's contrary view, in favor of an immediate and large-scale military assault on Saddam's army, carried the day. Powell was also an advocate of ending the war after only 100 hours, without removing Saddam Hussein from power. In that case, his view prevailed. In subsequent episodes, Powell was typically on the side of non-intervention. Before he retired as chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he even took the unusual step of arguing publicly against the commitment of U.S. forces in Bosnia.

    15. Hamelitz
    Shimkin, David wolfowitz, Dov Zusmanovitz, Nachman Shatnik, Zev Shimon Shtoch, MosheHellig, Zvi Zalkov, Joseph Glaun, Calev Melamed, jacob Osherovitz, Yechiel
    Gargzdai (Gorzd), Lithuania
    HaMelitz No. 120 St. Petersburg - May 30, 1903 ACCOUNT OF MONEY COLLECTED FROM COLLECTION PLATES
    And in the Women's Gallery by the young women, Miriam and Hinda Zusmanovitz: the rebbitzen -15 kopeks; Elka Devora Zusmanovitz, Chaya Michelovitz, Chaya Hinda Zilberg, Tema Zusmanovitz, Leah Hellig - 50 kopeks each; Chana Rela Zusmanovitz -40 kopeks; Liba Zusmanovitz-30 kopeks; Chana Zusmanovitz, Sarah Beila Wolfowitz -25 kopeks each; Chana Zusmanovitz, Gitta Shalman-20 kopeks each; Gitta Mann, Miriam Zusmanovitz, Hinda Zusmanovitz-18 kopeks each; Sarah Leah Zusmanovitz, Shoshana Miriam Yaffe-15 kopeks each; Rivka Hellig, Liba Elka Shtoch, Waller, F. Folkovsky -10 kopeks each. Total: 6.30 rubles. **1/504 For the wedding of David Hellig with his bride Leah Shalman from here I collected **25/851: the groom-2 rubles, the bride and the father of the bride H.A. Shalman - 1 ruble each; Chaim Osherovitz, Mordecai Shalman from Libau, David Ackerman, David Davidov from Salant, Moshe Hellig, Arye Hellig-50 kopeks each; Zev Shimon Shtoch, Dov Hakohen Boruchov, Saul Zusmanovitz, Shraga Yavshitz, Meidenbaum, Hinda Shalman, the mother of the groom Rosa Hellig, and the undersigned -36 kopeks each; Baruch Yaffe, the rebbitzen Fruma Shapira, Tema Zusmanovitz, Rosa Traub from Avshan, Hinda Zusmanovitz, Rachel Orlansky, Chana Zusmanovitz -20 kopeks each; Jacob Glik, Menachem Shimkin, S. Aaronsohn from Telz, Yechiel Zusmanovitz, Rivka Hellig, Yeshaya Zusmanovitz, Shayna Hellig, Alta Boruchov, Chana Yaffe, Rosa Yudkovitz, Minna Zusmanovitz, Z.A. Schauss, Shayevitz, Shatnik, M. Zusmanovitz, Shachne Ackerman -18 kopeks each.(something in Russian characters) **399/24,25

    16. Doctrine, Heal Thyself Jacob Weisberg
    Doctrine, Heal Thyself jacob Weisberg Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 224PM PT. At the hawkish end of things is Paul wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of
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    ballot box Politics and policy.
    Doctrine, Heal Thyself
    Jacob Weisberg
    Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 2:24 PM PT
    According to a report that first appeared in the New York Times , senior figures in the Bush administration disagree about how extensive our war on terrorism ought to be. At the hawkish end of things is Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, who is said to be arguing for a broader assault that would include among its targets Saddam Hussein. At the dovish extreme is Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has stressed the diplomatic groundwork to be laid in advance of any military response. We do not know what kind of military option Powell favors, but if he disagrees with Wolfowitz, he presumably prefers a more limited strike against Osama Bin Laden's terror network inside Afghanistan. Signs about where George Bush comes down in the debate have been ambiguous. Rhetorically, Bush's pledge to defeat "every terrorist group of global reach," sounds closer to Wolfowitz. But statements by Vice President Dick Cheney downplaying Iraqi involvement in the World Trade Center atrocity hint at an official line closer to Powell's view. Powell's advocacy of a more limited war against terrorism squares with the views he expressed during the previous Bush administration and his attitude toward military intervention in general. The "Powell Doctrine"a term first used by Bob Woodward in a 1990

    17. Bush's Favorite Afghan Jacob Weisberg
    Bush's Favorite Afghan jacob Weisberg Posted Friday, October 5, 2001, at 1149 Therehe worked under Paul wolfowitz, who served as director of policy planning
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    ballot box Politics and policy.
    Bush's Favorite Afghan
    Jacob Weisberg
    Posted Friday, October 5, 2001, at 11:49 AM PT
    A recent article in the New York Times about how college campuses are reacting to the World Trade Center attack cited a characteristic anti-war comment from the Vietnam era. Daniel Ellsberg, the Rand Corp. official who leaked the Pentagon Papers, once said that he doubted that anyone in the Lyndon B. Johnson administration could pass a freshman course in Vietnamese culture and politics. One might have the same kind of worry this time. Afghanistan, after all, is a nation as exotic and remote from the experience of most Americans as Vietnam was in the 1960s. Happily, though, it turns out that there is someone in the George W. Bush administration who could not only pass a freshman course in Afghan culture and politics, but could also easily teach oneand probably has. As it happens, the lead National Security Council official dealing with the region is one Zalmay Khalilzad, an Afghan-born scholar of both the Middle East and military affairs. Judging from things he has written in the past, this little-known defense intellectual is playing a central role in the administration's emerging strategy for combating Islamic terrorism. I was unable to speak to Khalilzad for this article, so my information about his precise background remains a bit sketchy. According to friends and colleagues, he is a native Dari speaker who grew up in Kabul, where he attended an English-language school. Tom Gouttierre, who directs the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska and who has known Khalilzad since he was in high school, says that "Zal," as his friends call him, originally visited America as an AFS student. Khalilzad left Afghanistan for good when he won a scholarship to attend the American University of Beirut in the 1970s. He subsequently did graduate work at the University of Chicago, where he received his Ph.D. in 1979. There he met his wife, an Austrian woman named Cheryl Benard, with whom he co-wrote a book about revolutionary Iran. (Benard has since become a writer of feminist-themed novels, including

    18. Preprints Des Jahres 1985
    Nr. 881, wolfowitz, jacob Coding of Dependent Sources to within PrescribedDistortion by Encoders with Different Partial Information. Nr.
    Preprints des Jahres 1985
    Januar 1985
    Nr. 869 Hofmann, Karl H. - Strambach, Karl: Topological and Analytical Loops Nr. 870 Wille, Rudolf: Musiktheorie und Mathematik Nr. 871 Abou El-Seoud, Samir: Nr. 872 Fischer, Thomas M. - Rosenberger, Rainer: A Boundary Integral Method for the Numerical Computation of the Forces Exerted on a Sphere in Viscous Incompressible Flows near a Plane Wall
    Februar 1985
    Nr. 873 Seeger, Andreas: On maximal Operators associated to Fourier Multipliers Nr. 874 Hofmann, Karl H.: Semigroups in the 19th century? A historical note Nr. 875 Lasser, Dieter: Nr. 876 Abou El-Seoud, Samir: An Adaptive Multi-Grid Algorithm for the Numerical Solution of Quasilinear Potential Equations Nr. 877 Dorn, Gernot: Anpassungskurven auf dem Computer-Bildschirm
    Nr. 878
    Poguntke, Werner - Rival, Ivan: Level Schedules by Interchanging Matched Subsets Nr. 879 Dappa, Henry - Trebels, Walter: A Difference Quotient Norm for Anisotropic Bessel Potential Spaces Nr. 880 Alles, Peter: Dimension of Amalgamated Graphs and Trees Nr. 881

    19. DC MetaData For Preprint Nr. 881
    881. Coding of Dependent Sources to within Prescribed Distortion by Encoderswith Different Partial Information. by wolfowitz, jacob MSC not available.
    Preprint Nr. 881 Coding of Dependent Sources to within Prescribed Distortion by Encoders with Different Partial Information by Wolfowitz, Jacob
    not available
    Abstract: no abstract available Keywords: no keywords available
    Preprint: not available
    Upload: no upload Fachbereich Mathematik, Dekanat
    D-64289 Darmstadt

    20. Biography-center - Letter W
    Wolfgang, Paul; wolfowitz,jacob;
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