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         Aleksandrov Aleksandr:     more books (25)
  1. Mathematics, its content, methods, and meaning Edited by A D Aleksandrov, A N Kolmogorov [and] M A Lavrent'ev Translated by S H Gould and T Bartha by A D (Aleksandr Danilovich), ed Aleksandrov, 1963
  2. Skazaniia Minuvshago: Russkiia Byliny I Predaniia V Stikhakh, Volumes 1-2 (Russian Edition) by Aleksandr Aleksandrov Navrotskii, 2010-01-12
  3. Skazaniia Minuvshago: Russkiia Byliny I Predaniia V Stikhakh, Book 2 (Russian Edition) by Aleksandr Aleksandrov Navrotskii, 2010-01-12
  4. Membre D'un Équipage Saliout: Vladimir Djanibekov, Aleksandr Pavlovitch Aleksandrov, Gueorgui Gretchko, Valeri Rioumine, Vitali Sevastianov (French Edition)
  5. Akademik Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov [Academician Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov] by none, 2002
  6. Russian Mountain Climbers: Nikolai Przhevalsky, Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov, Anatoli Boukreev, Boris Delaunay, Sergey Kofanov
  7. Podlinnaya zhizn' mademuazel' Bashkirtsevoj by Aleksandr Aleksandrov, 2003-01-01
  8. Hymn of the Soviet Union ... Arranged for Military Band by M. Roberts. [Parts.] by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1944
  9. The silver birch. English text by Will Sahnow. Music arranged by Prof. R.V. Alexandrov. For male or mixed choir by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1942
  10. Izbrannye khory, bez soprovozhdeniia i v soprovozhdenii fortepiano. Sostavitel' E. Tytianko (Khorovye proizvedeniia) by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1975
  11. Anthem of the Soviet Union. < English translation by Herbert Marschall. > by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1944
  12. Bargemen of the Volga. (Volzhskaia Burlatskaia.) For Low Voice and Piano. Russian Lyrics by O. Kolcher. English setting by Elaine de Sincay. Arrangement by D. J. Grunes by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1945
  13. Hymn of the Soviet Union ... Orchestrated by H. Perry. Piano-Conductor [and parts.] by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1944
  14. Soviet National Anthem. Words by S. Mikhalkov and El-Registan. < Translated by H. Marshall. > by Aleksandr Vasil'evich Aleksandrov, 1944

81. Stachka - 1925 Drama Movie - Grigori Aleksandrov As Factory Foreman
Main Cast. Grigori aleksandrov, as, Factory Foreman. aleksandr Antonov, as, Memberof Strike Committee. Yudif Glizer, as, Queen of Thieves. Mikhail Gomorov, as, Worker.

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Stachka In Russia's factory region during Czarist rule, there's restlessness and ...
Directed By
Sergei M. Eisenstein
Written By Grigori Aleksandrov
Sergei M. Eisenstein
Release Year
Drama Main Cast Grigori Aleksandrov as Factory Foreman Aleksandr Antonov as Member of Strike Committee Yudif Glizer as Queen of Thieves Mikhail Gomorov as Worker I. Ivanov as Chief of Police Ivan Klyukvin as Revolutionary Maksim Shtraukh as Police Spy Boris Yurtsev as King of Thieves Also Starring Anatoli Kuznetsov M. Mamin Vladimir Uralsky Vera Yanukova

Translate this page Albini, Umberto, 1491 4587 600 623 624. Albonetti, Achille, 3471. aleksandrov,aleksandr D. 932. aleksandrov, Pavel S. 1059. Aleramo, Sibilla, 960.
INDICE DEGLI AUTORI - A a cura di Eugenio Lecaldano a cura di Valeria Lomanto Abardo, Rudy Abati, Riccardo Abbagnano, Nicola Abbate Badin, Donatella Abelardo, Pietro Abellio, Raymond About, Edmond Abrams, Herbert L. Abrams, Meyer Howard Accademia Card. Bessarione - Roma Accardo, Salvatore Acciaro, Bruno Accio, Lucio Acerbo, Francesco Achilli, Tina Ackerman, Thomas P. Acone, Giuseppe Acquaro Graziosi, Maria Teresa Acquaviva, Sabino Acquaviva, Sabino S. Acutis, Cesare Adam, Richard Adamczewski, Jan Adamo, Francesco Adie, W.A.C. Adleman, Robert H. Adorno, Francesco Adorno, Theodor W. Adorno, Theodor Wiesengrund Aeschyli Agazzi, Emilio Agazzi, Evandro Ageno, Franca Ageno, Mario Agizza, Rosa Agnello, Leone Agnes, Leopoldo Agnew, Harold M. Agostini Nordio, Tiziana Agostini, Enzo Agostini, Pino Agostino, Sant' Agrati, Gabriella Aguirre D'Amico, Maria Luisa Aichele, Dietemer e Renate Ailloud, Henri Airasian, Peter W. Airoldi Namer, Fulvia Ajassa, Matteo Ajello R. Alain Fournier, Henri Alatri, Paolo Albani, E.M. Albeggiani, Ferdinando Alberoni, Francesco Albert, Hans

83. 1906 Minsk Uyezd Duma List
aleksandrov, aleksandr, Fedorovich, Apartment leaser State workeror pensioner, 194. aleksandrov, Arkady, Moiseyevich, Apartment leaser,195.
Belarus SIG All Belarus Database Belarus Surname Index Grodno ... Contact us
1906 Minsk Uyezd Duma List
Surnames starting with the letter A
by the Belarus SIG
translated by Vitaly Charny, Tom Gartman, Olga Parker, Edward Rosenbaum, Paula Zeiselman, and others
The 1906 Minsk Uyezd duma list contains 16300 names. The only information available is listed below. This duma list does not contain the name of the town that these people resided in or were registered in. All one can assume is that the person lived in the Minsk uyezd (which includes the city of Minsk). For more information on duma lists, please visit the Duma Voter List FAQ Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered If you found a name on this list, or if you would like to contribute to the translation and Web posting of lists like these, please make a generous contribution to the Belarus SIG general fund or any of its projects
A B C ... Z
SURNAME Given name Patronymic Category/qualification List number ABAKUMOV Aleksandr Lvovich State worker or pensioner ABEZGAUZ Markus Ziskovich Paid business tax ABIGOV Leiba Shmuilovich Apartment leaser ABRAMOV Iosel Khaimovich Homeowner ABRAMOV Ivan Osipovich Apartment leaser ABRAMOV Khaim Ioselevich Homeowner ABRAMOV Viktor Ioselevich Apartment leaser ABRAMOV Yakov Borukhovich Apartment leaser ABRAMOVICH Abram Sholomovich Paid business tax ABRAMOVICH Benyamin Khaimovich Apartment leaser ABRAMOVICH Eoma Homeowner ABRAMOVICH Faiba Iserovich Apartment leaser ABRAMOVICH Ivan Ivanovich State worker or pensioner ABRAMOVICH

84. Russian Jewish Encyclopedia
aleksandrov, aleksandr, Petrovich, 1900, Orel, 1946, Tallin, Military, 186. aleksandrov,Avraam, Yakovlevich, 1915, Zhitomir, Volyn, 1983, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Physics,185.
Belarus SIG All Belarus Database Belarus Surname Index Grodno ... Contact us
Russian Jewish Encyclopedia
Surnames starting with the letter A
translated by Josif and Vitaly Charny
The following list is a translation of names and minimal personal data for 8,500 people included in Jewish Encyclopedia of Russia (Rossiyskaya Evreiskaya Entsiclopediya); first edition; 1995, Moscow. Famous people who are listed in the book, which in fact is a biographical dictionary, were born in Russia, the USSR, the Russian Empire, or lived there. This is the first edition of this kind in Russia and a large group of specialist from Russia, Israel and other countries participated in the project. There are many more well known people in Russia to be included in the next edition of the book. We have to remember that the success of many of these people was achieved against all odds related to limited opportunities that Jews had in Russia. The translation is an attempt to inform people about this additional source available for researchers. Vitaly Charny
A B C D ... Z
Surname Given name Patronymic Birth date Birth place Death date Death place Occupation aka (other name) Entry number ABARBANEL Mendel Kiev Author ABDULOV Osip Naumovich Lodz Moscow Performing Art ABEL Shloime Rabbi ABELEV Garri Izrailevich Moscow Biochemistry ABELEV Nosan Shneurovich Engineering Naum Aleksandrovich ABELEV Yury Matveevich Rogachev, Mogilev

85. Cosmonauts U.S.S.R & C.I.S
7. Sel Group Civil NPO Energiya 12.78 aleksandrov, aleksandr Pavlovich I A 030917032 ST9 / S-TM3 Balandin, aleksandr Nikolayevich I A 01790119 1 S-TM9
Under Construction ! Female Group 62 Kuznetsova, T. D. * P 69 - - SU Ponomaryova, Valentina L. * P 69 - - SU Solovyova, Irina B. * P 69 - - SU Tereshkova, Valentina Vladimirovna * P 69 0002:22:50 1 V-6 SU Yerkina, Z. D. * P 69 - - SU 2. Air Force Sel 1963 Artyukhin, Yuri Petrovich I 87 0015:17:30 1 S-14 SU Buinovski, Eduard I. I 64 - - SU Dobrovolsky, Georgi Timofeyevich d P 71 0023:18:22 1 S-11 SU Dyomin, Lev Stepanovich I 83 0002:00:12 1 S-15 SU Filipchenko, Anatoli Vassilyevich P 88 0010:21:05 2 S-7 / S-16 SU Gubarev, Aleksey Aleksandrovich P 81 0037:11:37 2 S-17 / S-28 SU Gulyayev, Vladislav I. I 68 - - SU Kolodin, Pyotr Ivanovich I 83 - - SU Kugno, Eduard P. I 64 - - SU Kuklin, Anatoli P. P 75 - - SU Matinchenko, Aleksandr N. I 72 - - SU Shatalov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich P 91 0009:21:59 3 S-4 / S-8 / S-10 SU Vorobyov, Lev V. P 74 - - SU Voronov, Anatoli Fyodorovich N 79 - - SU Zholobov, Vitali Mikhailovich I 81 0049:06:24 1 S-21 SU 2. Air Force Sel 1963 Addition Beregovoi, Georgi Timofeyevich P 87 0003:22:51 1 S-3 SU Lazarev, Vasili Grigoryevich P / Dr 85 0001:23:16 2 S-12 / S-18A SU

86. Mathem_abbrev
alQuhi, Abu al-Samawal, Ibn al-Tusi, Nasir al-Tusi, Sharaf al-Umawi, Abu al-Uqlidisi,Abu'l Albategnius (al-Battani) aleksandrov, aleksandr aleksandrov, Pave
Mathematician Report Index Below is a list of mathematicians. You may choose from this list or report on a mathematician not listed here. In either case, you must discuss with me the mathematician you have chosen prior to starting your report. No two students may write a report on the same mathematician. I would advise you to go to the library before choosing your topic as there might not be much information on the mathematician you have chosen. Also, you should determine the topic early in the term so that you can "lock-in" your report topic!! The report must include: 1. The name of the mathematician. 2. The years the mathematician was alive. 3. A biography. 4. The mathematician's major contribution(s) to mathematics and an explanation of the importance. 5. A historical perspective during the time the mathematician was alive.
Some suggestions on the historical perspective might be:
(a) Any wars etc.
(b) Scientific breakthroughs of the time
(c) Major discoveries of the time
(d) How did this mathematician change history etc.

Section Screen play Grigoij aleksandrov, aleksandr Raskin, Moris Slobodskoj.Director of phtography Jurij Ekel'cik. Music Isaak Dunaevskij.
Spring Director: Grigorij Aleksandrov Section: Screen play: Grigoij Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Raskin, Moris Slobodskoj Director of phtography: Jurij Ekel'cik Music: Isaak Dunaevskij Cast: Ljubov' Orlova, Nikolaj Cerkasov, Nikolaj Konovalov, Mihail Sidorkin, Vasilij Zajcikov, Rostislav Pljatt Production: Mosfil'm (Moscou) 1947 - 35 mm - Noir et blanc - 104'

88. - Forum
I hate to vote this early ( 1. Tomas Celiesius 2. aleksandr aleksandrov 3. MindaugasSarocka 4. Havard Moldjord 5. Andrius Kasuba 6. Gerhard Schnierle 7. Roni

89. 1983
0912. SoyuzT 9 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome by Soyuz rocket into 197x 227 kilometre orbit with Vladimir Lyakhov and aleksandr aleksandrov aboard.
1983 Space Activities A comprehensive diary of activity in the Soviet and Russian Space Programme. This page brings together diary entries from all sections of the Zarya Web Site. Event 1983 Mar 2 Cosmos 1443, a 20 tonne spacecraft carrying cargo, launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome by Proton rocket into 189 x 257 kilometre orbit 1983 Mar 10 Cosmos 1443 docks at the forward port of Salyut 7 - orbit is 292 x 331 kilometres 1983 Apr 20 Soyuz-T 8 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome by Soyuz rocket into 196 x 213 kilometre orbit with Vladimir Titov, Gennady Strekalov and Aleksandr Serebrov aboard 1983 Apr 21 Soyuz-T 8 approaches Salyut 7 but fails to dock because of an inoperative radar system - damage was caused to its rendezvous radar mast during the launch - Soyuz-T 8's orbit after the docking attempt is 285 x 304 kilometres, Salyut 7's orbit is 287 x 300 kilometres 1983 Apr 22 Soyuz-T 8 lands - 60 kilometres north-east of Arkalyk 1983 Jun 27 Soyuz-T 9 launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome by Soyuz rocket into 197 x 227 kilometre orbit with Vladimir Lyakhov and Aleksandr Aleksandrov aboard 1983 Jun 28 Soyuz-T 9 docks at the aft port of Salyut 7 - orbit is 324 x 336 kilometres 1983 Aug 14 Cosmos 1443 undocks from Salyut 7 1983 Aug 16 Lyakhov and Aleksandrov undock Soyuz-T 9, wait for Salyut 7 to execute a 180 degree turn, and re-dock with the forward port of Salyut 7

90. Mutató
aleksandrov, Pavel Sergeevic. aleksandrov, V. aleksandrovskij, Boris Nikolaevic.Alekseenko, Grigorij Davidovic. Alekseev, aleksandr Mihajlovic.
Szerzõi névmutató
A, Á
3/8 lap

Alan Price
Alan R. Gaby Alan Randolph Alan Resnais ... Albert Györgyi , újságíró Albert Harald Albert Hetényi Heidlberg Albert Hochheimer Albert István ... Albert Levente , tanár Albert Lihanov Albert Lorenz Albert Maltz Albert Manfred ... Albert Zsuzsa (1932 - ), költõ, kritikus Albert, Finney Albert, Kristiane Albert, Roald Albertazzi, Giorgio ... Alberti Gábor , nyelvész Alberti József Alberti, Josef Alberti, Leon Battista Albertini Béla ... Albrecht Mária , egyetemi docens Albrecht Schönherr Albrecht von Bebber, Otto Albrecht, Bob Albrecht, Günter ... Áldozó István , levéltáros Áldozó Tamás Aldrich-Ruenzel, Nancy Aldrich, Bess Streeter Aldrich, Robert ... Alexandr Proskin
Készült: 2003.03.17 - 02:32
NanSRI OPAC v1.1008

91. Hankalat Musiikkinimet - Ohjeluettelo
1750) Albinoni, Tommaso Albinoni, Tomasio Albinoni, Tommaso = Albinoni, TomasoAlbrechtsberger, Johann Georg (1736-1809) aleksandrov, aleksandr (1883-1946
Hankalat musiikkinimet Ohjeluettelo
tummennetuin kirjaimin kursiivilla

A B C ... Sivun alkuun
Erikoismerkki- ja numeroalkuiset nimet @tak (Y) Attak 1/2 Japanese (Y) 2 Bad Mice (Y) Two Bad Mice 2 Black 2 Strong (Y) Too Black Too Strong - Two Black Two Strong 2 In Line (Y) Two In Line 2 Live Crew (Y) Two Live Crew 2. Maanantai (Y) Toinen Maanantai 2 Men 4 Soul (Y) Two Men Four Soul 2 Static (Y) Too Static 2 Tribes (Y) Two Tribes 2 Unlimited (Y) Two Unlimited 2-Bigg MC (Y) 2nd II None (Y) Second To None Shakur, Tupac 3 Mustaphas 3 (Y) Three Mustaphas Three (Y) 3rd Bass (Y) Third Bass 3rd Man (Y) Third Man 3rd Nation (Y) Third Nation 4 Aces = Four Aces
4 Freshmen = Four Freshmen 4 Non Blondes (Y) Four Non Blondes 4 Of Us (Y) Four Of Us 4 Seasons = Four Seasons (Y) Four Wheel Drive 5 Keys = Five Keys 5 Royales (Y) Five Royales 5th Dimension = Fifth Dimension
(Y) (Y) TenCC 12 A. M. = 12 AM 12 AM (Y) 12 A. M. (Y) 13th Floor Elevators (Y) 13th Sign (Y) (Y)
(Y) 22 Pistepirkko = 22-Pistepirkko 22-Pistepirkko (Y) 22 Pistepirkko - Kakskytkakspistepirkko 24-7 Spyz (Y) 29th Street Saxophone Quartet (Y) 38 Special (Y) 40 Thevz (Y) 42 Bluesband (Y) 69 Eyes (Y) 100% Pure Poison (Y) 101 Strings Orchestra (Y) Hundred And One Strings 360 Degree Music Experience (Y) 360's (Y) 500 Kg Lihaa (Y) Viisisataa Kiloa Lihaa 808 State (Y) 1000 Homo Dj's (Y) 1910 Fruitgum Co.

92. Film Library
Director Sergei Eisenstein starring Grigori aleksandrov, aleksandr Antonov certificatePG running time 74 mins subject area Film Studies, History, Russian
The study guides on this page which are available to download/print-off require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. click on a letter below for a list of recommended films A B C D ... X Y Z many of these are available Babe DVD VHS Director: Chris Noonan
starring: James Cromwell
certificate: U
running time: 89 mins
key stage:
This comic film based on 'The Sheep Pig' by Dick King-Smith tells the tale of the pig who defies destiny by daring to be different, to be of all things, a sheep-pig! Babe, Pig in the City DVD VHS Director: George Miller (II)
starring the voices of: Magda Szubanski, James Cromwell, Mickey Rooney
certificate: PG
running time: 118 mins
key stage:
subject area: Literacy, Art, Science, Geography, Design and Technology resources available: downloadable PDF study guide In this sequel to Babe, everyone's favourite hero sets off on a journey that takes him to a far away storybook city where he encounters an incredible assortment of animal friends and learns how a kind and steady heart can heal a sorry world.

93. CURRICULUM VITAE - Aleksandr Galushkin
CURRICULUM VITAE. Galushkin aleksandr Yur'evich.Faks 25001-31. E-mail 1998.31 marta; 4.3. aleksandrov N. // Itogi. 1998. N 15. S.92; 4.4.
CURRICULUM VITAE Galushkin Aleksandr Yur'evich. Faks: 250-01-31. E-mail: Rodilsya 1 marta 1960 g. Obrazovanie vysshee (Moskovskii gosudarstvennyi universitet, 1982). Kandidat filologicheskih nauk (dissertaciya "Diskussiya o B.Pil'nyake i E.Zamyatine v kontekste literaturnoi politiki konca 1920-h – nachala 1930-h gg.", Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi gumanitarnyi universitet, Moskva, 1997). V 1982-1988 gg. – free lance, chlen Professional'nogo komiteta literatorov; vne sushestvovavshih v to vremya v CCCR gosudarstvennyh struktur zanimalsya istoriei i istochnikovedeniem russkoi literatury 1910-1930-h gg. (v chastnosti, v 1983-1984 gg. kak literaturnyi sekretar' uchastvoval v rabote V.B.Shklovskogo nad issledovaniem po istorii "formal'noi shkoly" v russkom literaturovedenii 1920-h gg.; ne opublikovano). V 1988-1989 gg. – nauchnyi sotrudnik Instituta mirovoi literatury Rossiiskii Akademii nauk; otdel Bibliografii i istochnikovedeniya. S 1989 g. po sei den' – starshii nauchnyi sotrudnik Instituta mirovoi literatury Rossiiskii Akademii nauk; otdely Noveishei russkoi literatury i "Literaturnoe nasledstvo". V 1991-1993 gg. – uchastnik rossiisko-germanskogo proekta "Literaturnye ob'edineniya Rossii konca XIX – nachala 30-h gg. XX v." (pri podderzhke: Lotman-Institut fur Russische und Sowjetische Kultur, Bochum, Germany).

94. SSEES Film And Video Database: Tape V-876
aleksandrov, aleksandr Priiut komediantov The Comedians' Halt Komitet Rossiiskoifederatsii po kinematografii, Kinostudiia Alliur Tri Kresta , 1995 Producer
Call number: V-876
Priiut komediantov [The Comedians' Halt]

Komitet Rossiiskoi federatsii po kinematografii, Kinostudiia "Alliur Tri Kresta", 1995
Producer Aleksandr Aleksandrov
Screenplay Aleksandra Kamyshova
Photography Aleksandr Demidov
Music Evgenii Pakhomov 78 minutes
In Russian, starts 10 minutes into tape
Source: Russian Television, Channel One, 15 December 1998
System: Secam Back to SSEES Film and Video Database
Move to the home page for the School of Slavonic and East European Studies , University College London. Queries to This page last revised Monday 6 March 2000.

95. Popular Music: Aleksandr Vasil Yevich Aleksandrov
Popular Music Paris Photo Books Paris Videos Paris DVDs Paris SoftwareMusic for Paris Paris Books. aleksandr Vasil yevich aleksandrov. Vasil’yevich A
Asia New York India ... Visit Our Virtual Photo Gallery Popular Music:
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Aleksandr Vasil yevich Aleksandrov There are no exact matches for the search.
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96. AAS Database - Full View Of Document
to mail the record to your email account. System No, 0081372. Author,aleksandrov, aleksandr Danilovich;. Title, Kurven und Flachen.
AAS database - Full view of document
to mail the record to your e-mail account.
System No
Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Danilovich; Title Kurven und Flachen
Imprint Berlin : VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1959
Pages 82 p.
Subject Geometry, Differential;
Note Bibliography: p.81-82 Holdings
For librarians use only!!

97. - DVD Movies
Starring I. Bobrov, Beatrice Vitoldi, N. Poltavseva, Julia Eisenstein, Grigori aleksandrov,aleksandr Antonov, Vladimir Barsky, Sergei M. Eisenstein, Mikhail

98. Vitryssland - Brest-Kuriren
Styrd av president aleksandr Lukasjenko. Men fyrtiotalet mil därifrån, i stadenBrest nära polska gränsen, ser Nikolaj aleksandrov framtiden an med
Av Tobias Ljungvall
Tidningen kom ut samma dag som Lukasjenko var i stan.
Tobias Ljungvall
Fakta om vitrysk pressfrihet
"Fel att tala om diktaturmetoder"

Men hur ska ni utvecklas?
Tobias Ljungvall

99. Aleksandrov A.D.
Alexandr Danilovich Alexandrov (aleksandrov). Born 4 Aug. 1912 inVolyn, Ryazan, Russia Died 27 Jul. 1999, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Alexandr Danilovich Alexandrov (Aleksandrov)
Born: 4 Aug. 1912 in Volyn, Ryazan, Russia
Died: 27 Jul. 1999, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Brief biography: English Russian Leningrad Geometric School Bibliography (182 items) Reminiscences by Yu.G.Reshetnyak and S.S.Kutateladze (gzipped ps-file, 34 pp., Russian) Reminiscences by Yu.F.Borisov (gzipped ps-file, 15 pp., Russian) On Alexandrov's Contribution , a by-proxy talk by S.S.Kutateladze at the Second RussianGerman Geometry Meeting Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of A.D.Alexandrov, June 2002 (gzipped ps-file, 7 pp., English) Photo
  • 100. Aleksandr Vasilãƒâ£ã¢ââ?¬Ã¢Å¡Ã£
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