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  1. Metal Ions in Fungi (Mycology)
  2. List of the Water-Color Drawings of Fungi by Anonymous, 2010-04-02
  3. Parasitic fungi of Illinois / by T.J. Burrill by Thomas J. 1839-1916 Burrill, F S. 1856-1929 Earle, 2010-09-08

141. British Mycological Society
Information on the Society, its activities, publications (particularly Mycological Research and Mycologist), and affiliated Fungus Groups. Links to many European and world sites relevant to mycology and mycologists and those interested in fungi.

142. GARDEN CITY FUNGI - Main Page
Welcome to Garden City fungi. Your online source for mushroom productsand information. Garden City fungi

143. Dimorphic Basidiomycetes
Information about the systematics, ecology, and evolution of basidiomycetous fungi having a yeast stage.

Similar pages Fungus Science Museum of MinnesotaThinking Fountain image (17k), Fungus. Leaf-cutting ants are fungus farmers.They cut leaves to make compost for a fungus they farm underground.

145. North West Fungus Group
Homepage of fungus recording group based in the Northwest of England and Wales. The site includes lots of information about fungi, mushrooms and mycology.

146. Botanical Museum
Part of The Finnish Museum of Natural History, its worldwide collecting activities add more than 22,000 specimens per year (vascular plants, cryptogams and fungi). Includes floristic database of Finland and some adjacent territories.

147. Fungi
What are fungi? fungi are manycelled organisms that decompose dead matterin our environment. More Information. Types of fungi. Back To Home Folder/fungi.html

148. Systematic Botany And Mycology Laboratory
Research into the systematics of fungi and vascular plants essential to solving problems in sustainable and conventional agriculture. US Dept of Agriculture

149. Fungi. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. fungi. (f mycelium. Thecell walls of fungi are of chitin or other noncellulose compounds.

150. Natural Perspective Order Agaricales
General description (with photos) of this order of mushrooms, including the Amanita, Agaricus, Russula, Tricholoma, Gomphidius, Coprinus, Waxy Cap (Hygrophoracea), and Bolete families.

151. BIODIDAC Images Documents Search Information What's New?
Registration Contact Fran├žais. Eubacteria Protista fungi Plantae AnimaliaHuman Biology Histology. fungi (38 items) 1 2 3 4 5 4.

152. Minnesota Mycological Society
MMS is an educational organization for the study of mushrooms and fungi. Photoraphs, message board, recipes, and news.

153. Introduction To The Fungi
Introduction to the fungi. In this part of the course, we will be studying the organismsthat are referred to as fungi (sing.=fungus). Classification of fungi.

154. Life Force Inc.
Body's base frequency is being altered by pathogen frequencies (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

155. Naming And Classification Of Fungi And Other Organisms
Naming and Classification of fungi. Introduction. Although applications. Includedamong these plants were also usage of some species of fungi. Fig.

156. Czech Scientific Society For Mycology / Ceska Vedecka Spolecnost Pro Mykologii (
fungi, , mushrooms, micromycetes, moulds, mycology, scientific journals, Mykologicke Listy, Czech Mycology, mycological publications, library, eventsactivities, mycological directory.

157. Mold Alert - Mold Testing Solutions From QuanTEM Laboratories
Offers test kits for determining the presence of mold or fungi in the home or workplace.Category Shopping Health Home Tests......NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES!! QUANTIFIER INDOOR AIR QUALITY KIT; TAPELIFTAND BULK SAMPLE TESTING. Americans are becoming more and

158. Introduction To The 'Slime Molds'
Illustrated discussion of the biology and classification of these organisms, which are no longer considered to be fungi and which include three main groups that do not form a clade.

159. Encyclopaedia Of Fungi
Encyclopaedia of fungi. Graminicolous Helminthosporium (Conidium). Rust fungi(Urediniodspore). Rust fungi (Teleutospore). Return to Top page. ?.

160. Mexican Mushroom Tours
Mexican Mushroom Tours fungi and travel events in Tlaxcala, The Mushroom Capital of Mexico. If mushrooms, gourmet cuisine, travel, adventure and good times are your idea of how to spend a week, you'll want to join us on a tour in the highlands of Mexico.

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