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         Fungi:     more books (101)
  1. All Color Book of Mushrooms and Fungi by Moira Savonius, 1977-08
  2. Icons of Medicinal Fungi from China by Ying Jianzhe, 1987-12
  3. What Is a Fungus (Watts Library) by D. M. Souza, 2002-09
  4. Ainsworth and Bisby's Dictionary of Fungi
  5. Fungi from Different Environments (Progress in Mycological Research)
  6. Identification of the larger fungi (Hulton group keys) by Roy Watling, 1973
  7. Field Guide to North American Truffles: Hunting, Identifying, and Enjoying the World's Most Prized Fungi by Matt Trappe, Frank Evans, et all 2007-10-01
  8. MUSHROOM FEAST: A Celebration of all Edible Fungi, Cultivated, Wild and Dried, with Recipes by Jane Grigson, 2008-05
  9. The Fungi, Second Edition by Michael J. Carlile, Graham W. Gooday, et all 2001-01-23
  10. A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia by Tony Young, 2004-11-01
  11. The Candida Cure: Yeast, Fungus & Your Health: The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida & Restore Vibrant Health by Ann Boroch, 2009-03-01
  12. Turfgrass Patch Diseases: Caused by Ectotrophic Root-Infecting Fungi by Bruce B. Clarke, 1993-09-15
  13. Chemistry of Fungi by James R. Hanson, 2008-08-14
  14. Biotechnology of Endophytic Fungi of Grasses by Charles W. Bacon, James F. White, 1994-05-25

101. Biodeterioration, CD-fungi, Fungus, Belize, Tropic
CDfungi Research in progress. 1972). The presence of xylose is most often characteristicof basidiomycetous arthroconidial fungi (Bartnicki-García 1968).

102. Persimmon General Information
Persimmon information including description, varieties, planting practices, and a list of fungi and insects affecting the tree.

103. White Rot Fungi
White Rot fungi. White rot fungi produce unique extracellular oxidative enzymesthat initiate the attack on nature’s complex aromatic polymer, lignin.

104. The Journal Of Eukaryotic Microbiology
Published bimonthly by the Society of Protozoologists, publishes original research on protists, including lower algae and fungi. Subscription information, instructions for authors and reviewers, and abstracts from recent volumes.

105. EHIB - Current . Topics
2, pages 912, May/June 1996. fungi Indoor Air Quality. Molds in Indoor Air. fungiare ubiquitous organisms that make up approximately 25% of earth's biomass.

106. Fungi
Previous Lecture Syllabus Next Lecture THE fungi. MM 4650, 400-439 Tableof Contents. General Properties of fungi. Structural-functional relationships.

107. CABI Bioscience Databases Index Fungorum
Searchable taxonomic databases of the fungi.

108. Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom fungi Domain Eukarya Kingdom fungi Use the imagemap of the phylogenetictree to navigate through the kingdom The reproductive cycle of the fungi

109. Smithsonian Magazine - Small Matters
Illustrated article about how leafcutter ants learned to grow fungi.

110. Garden Compost Microorganisms
Four scanning electron images of bacteria and fungi found in a garden compost. Includes resource links.

THE fungi FILE We started with a discussion of what we found interestingabout fungi and produced a set of guidelines for the study..

112. Medical Mycology Online
s of the organisms and the diseases they cause. Complete with excellent images.......Contains lots of information on the fungi that cause human infections.

113. Mushrooms Of Spain
Photographs of fungi of Tena Valley, Spain.

114. BUBL LINK / 515 Internet Resources Fungi
Location usa Last checked 20000131 British Mycological Society The BMS providesinformation for those who are interested to know more about fungi and to

115. Florida Fungi Home Page
Go ahead . . . . jump in.

116. Diseases Of Freshwater Crayfish
Information on viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans, metazoan parasites, and commensals affecting freshwater crayfish in aquaculture and in nature.

117. Zygomycota - Conjugating Fungi
Illustrated outline of the classification of the Zygomycota, with 26 pictures and explanatory text.

118. Fungal Genome Analysis
Fungal genome analysis. Links to databases CYGD link, MNCDB link. Projectdescription. A breakthrough in genome research was the determination

119. Cayobo's Authentic Caribbean Recipes
Dishes from all over the region including Ginger Mango Conch, Mango Tomatillo Salsa, fungi Dumplings, and Creole Crab Callaloo.

120. Tayside Fungi And Mushrooms Home Page 1
This site, begun June 2000, has some of the fungi found around Tayside region,Scotland. I've been able to identify 209 fungi with a degree of confidence.

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