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         Fungi:     more books (101)
  1. Morphology of Plants and Fungi by Harold C. Bold, Constantine J. Alexopoulos, et all 1987-03
  2. Fungi; their nature and uses by M C. b. 1825 Cooke, M J. 1803-1889 Berkeley, 2010-08-18
  3. The Fungus Link: An Introduction to Fungal Disease, Including the Initial Phase Diet by Doug A. Kaufmann, 2001-12
  4. Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems by H. P Lovecraft, 1971-02
  5. Microorganisms, Fungi, and Plants (Holt Science & Technology) by Katy Z. Allen, Linda R. Berg, 2007-01-31
  6. Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi: Featuring Photographs of Mushrooms and Other Fungi from Around the World
  7. Molecular and Cell Biology Methods for Fungi (Methods in Molecular Biology)
  8. Detection of Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Fungi: Bioterrorism Prevention (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology)
  9. Non-Timber Forest Products: Medicinal Herbs, Fungi, Edible Fruits and Nuts, and Other Natural Products from the Forest
  10. Morphology and Taxonomy of Fungi by Ernest A. Bessey, 1964-06
  11. Instant Guide to Mushrooms & Other Fungi (Instant Guides) by Eleanor Lawrence, Sue Harniess, 2003-05-06
  12. Integrated Management of Diseases Caused by Fungi, Phytoplasma and Bacteria (Integrated Management of Plant Pests and Diseases)
  13. Decomposition: Fungi-Inspired Poems by Anthology, 2010-04-01
  14. Mushrooms and Other Common Fungi of the San Francisco Bay Region by robert orr, 1968-01-01

41. (Fungi Identification)
A database of fungi, with photographs. An automated identification facility, using fuzzy matching.
window.location="Index.jsp"; (Fungi Identification)
This is a site providing a database of fungi properties and photographs, plus a fuzzy matching automated tool to help you to identify mushrooms. The home page has been renamed. To visit the new home page, click the following link: - home page

Taylor's Home Page Promoting the Beauty and Variety of mushrooms and other fungi.The address for TREASURES FROM THE KINGDOM OF fungi. Has changed to
The address for
Has changed to:
After proceding,
please change your bookmarks and links accordingly.

43. Biologische Pilze - Organic Fungi - Champignons Ecologiques
Der kleine deutsche –koPilzanbauer. Die Seite ist an dieser Stelle eher ¤lter, also bitte mit Vorsicht zu genieŸen.

44. Indoor Fungi Resources - DEHS, UMN
fungi in Buildings. The fungi on these pages are commonly identifiedin outdoor air and in North American buildings. Health effects
Fungal Abatement Safe Operating Procedure Glossary Hidden Fungi in Buildings Investigation/Interpretation of Results ...
About Us
Fungi in Buildings
The fungi on these pages are commonly identified in outdoor air and in North American buildings. Health effects listed for these fungi often represent worst-case exposure information. These health effects may be used as a guide when consulting with a physician about a medical condition. Please ask for permission before using any of the images on this Web site. N. G. Carlson - January, 2001
Address questions or comments to

45. Hidden Fungi - DEHS, UMN
Hidden fungi Found in Buildings. The following photo sequences reveal fungi growingbehind wall covering. The fungi were detected using a moisture meter.
Glossary Hidden Fungi in Buildings Investigation/Interpretation of Results Links ...
About Us
Hidden Fungi Found in Buildings
The following photo sequences reveal fungi growing behind wall covering. The fungi were detected using a moisture meter. More Photos

46. Botanical Society Of America
Promoting research and teaching in all fields of plant biology to facilitate cooperation among plant scientists worldwide and to disseminate knowledge of plants, algae and fungi. Links to the American Journal of Botany, Plant Science Bulletin, national meetings and symposia, and educational resources.
Join/Renew Your Membership
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Botany 2003
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Search BSA Site or Internet

    The Botanical Society of America exists to promote botany, the field of basic science dealing with the study and inquiry into the form, function, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions within the biosphere. To accomplish this mission, the objectives of The Society are to: sustain and provide improved formal and informal education about plants; encourage basic plant research; provide expertise, direction, and position statements concerning plants and ecosystems; and foster communication within the professional botanical community, and between botanists and the rest of humankind through publications, meetings, and committees.

47. Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms
Links to websites of researchers investigating edible mycorrhizal fungi, including truffles, Boletus, Cantharellus, Lactarius, and Tricholoma.
Home International meetings
Mycology Resources

Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms The world market of edible mycorrhizal mushrooms has been estimated at 3-6 billion USD. Still, only limited research has been done. In order to facilitate research and cooperation, it was decided at the Berkeley meeting in 1996 that Eric Danell should make webpages covering researchers focused on these organisms. At the Uppsala meeting in July 1998 it was decided to expand the web pages and to divide the web sites of specific genera among the delegates: If you are a scientist currently working with the genera above, please contact the people in charge of the genus web page and give them name, addresses, links and a sentence describing your interests. If you wish to be in charge of a new genus web page not mentioned above please contact Eric Danell During this transition stage when new web pages are being made, please consult the original links below:

48. Fungi And Mycology
A technical and nontechnical introduction to the world of fungi and mycologycan assist with one's knowledge of this topic. Introduction to fungi

The Fungi

Image Bank
Lecture Bank

Veterinary Environmental Industrial Agricultural Drugs Introduction Medical Veterinary Environmental Industrial Agricultural Laboratory Introduction Susceptibility MIC Database Procedures Histopathology Tools Introduction Abbreviations Links CME Conference Highlights Bibliography Glossary Good Books Events Calendar About Us Introduction Our Mission Editorial Board Editorial Staff Supporters Contributors Developers Legal Stuff This page updated: 1/23/2003 2:10:00 PM Site built and designed for doctorfungus by Webillustrated You are here: The Fungi Introduction Descriptions Synonyms Image Bank Lecture Bank Navigate this section from here: Select Topic Five Kingdoms of Life Taxonomy and Nomenclature Introduction to Fungi Non-Technical Introduction to the World of Fungi and Mycology Fungi are plant-like organisms that lack chlorophyll. Fungi are one of the five kingdoms of life . Many fungi are good and useful (edible mushrooms would be an example of these) while some cause problems (some fungi can injure plants and people). There are over 100,000 species of fungi. Mycologists are the scientists who study fungus. Medical mycologists study drugs to cure fungal infections, while agricultural and research mycologists study the industrial uses of fungi. Since they do not have chlorophyll, fungi must absorb food from others. Since they don't use light to make food, fungi can live in damp and dark places. Fungi are supposed to "eat" things when they are dead but sometimes they start eating when the organism is still alive. That is when mycologists come in to figure out what to give to the infected patient or plant to get rid of the fungus.

49. Bienvenue à Édition Fungi - Infographie Et Conception Web
Cette entreprise offre les services suivants conception de sites Web, rafra®chissements ou mises   jour. Services, contact et les r©alisations sont disponibles. Gracefield, Qu©bec, Canada

50. Forest Fungi Of New Zealand
This site contains photographs of New Zealandfungi and general information on them.

51. References.html
References for information about colloidal silver, a powerful natural antibiotic, which reportedly acts as a catalyst to disable the enzyme needed by onecelled bacteria, viruses and fungi for their oxygen metabolism.
now comes with its own Certificate of Purity Guarantee!

People often ask why they have never heard of Colloidal Silver!
Seventy years ago Colloidal Silver was a proven germ fighter and widely used. It was the mainstay of antibiotic treatment. In 1914 the medical journal, "Lancet", reported phenomenal results from its' use. Dr. Henry Crooks showed Colloidal Silver to be absolutely harmless, and non-toxic to humans, and highly germicidal. Colloidal Silver has proven itself useful against all species of fungi, parasites, bacteria, protozoa, and certain viruses.
For centuries we've known the properties of silver. The ancients stored their water in silver vessels to prevent bacteria from growing.
American settlers would put a silver dollar in their milk containers to hinder it's spoilage.
Australian Colonials would suspend a silver fork or spoon in their water containers to prevent contamination.
Soldiers in the American Civil War swallowed whole silver dollars to ward off disease.(thankfully there is no information on how they re-cycled them?)

52. CalPhotos: Fungi
CalPhotos fungi. Browse lists scientific names common names Thisform accesses 1,635 images of fungi. A variety of organizations
CalPhotos: Fungi
more photos Plants Animals All CalPhotos
more info About CalPhotos FAQ References Browse lists: scientific names common names This form accesses usage guidelines provided with each image. To look for photos, choose a name from one of the lists above, or complete any combination of the fields below and then click Search . You can also use the Custom Query Form for advanced queries. Name
Enter all or part of a name (case unimportant) Photo Type any fungi (1594) lichen (41) Location
free text description of place. Example: Yosemite Continent none Asia (3) North America (1555) South America (3) Country none Argentina (3) Canada (3) Mexico (1) Russian Federation (3) United States (1549) US State none Alaska (3) California (1345) Colorado (3) Idaho (77) Montana (12) Nevada (1) New York (16) Oregon (78) Utah (2) Vermont (3) Washington (2) Wyoming (7) Cal. County none Alameda (6) Alameda/Contra Costa (1) Contra Costa (169) Del Norte (14) El Dorado (7) Humboldt (50) Inyo (3) Lassen (3) Marin (144) Mariposa (18) Mendocino (60) Monterey (7) Napa (27) Placer (2) Plumas (1) San Benito (1) San Bernardino (1) San Diego (2) San Francisco (40) San Luis Obispo (6) San Mateo (44) Santa Barbara (9) Santa Cruz (13) Shasta (10) Solano (7) Sonoma (210) Tehama (9) Tuolumne (32) Yuba (1) Collection any Brousseau (819) CODA (15) CalAcademy (782) CalFlora (1) Private (18) Photographer any Sherry Ballard (8) Albert P. Bekker (14)

53. Tryptamine Carriers FAQ
Chemical makeup and information. Includes source data on fungi, animals and plants.
Tryptamine Carriers FAQ
by Petrus Pennanen
with help from Michael from Melbourne

Translate from English to French English to German English to Italian English to Portuguese English to Spanish Thanks to many individuals for help in putting this together.
If you know sources of tryptamines that are not mentioned here please mail us.
Last deoxy update Jul 1999 Search this FAQ for
MAO Inhibitors and Tryptamines
Synthesis of DMT Derivatives Psychedelic Toads The Fungi ... References Orally and Parenterally Active Psychotropic Tryptamine Derivatives
Based on
Data compiled from Kantor, et al. 1980 Shulgin 1976 Name of Compound Dosage
(mg) Route
Oral/Par. tryptamine H H H H H par/oral? DMT (dimethyltryptamine) H H H par DET H H H par/oral DPT n-prop n-prop H H H par/oral DAT H H H par/oral DIPT i-prop i-prop H H H oral 5-MeO-DIPT i-prop i-prop H H oral 5-MeO-DMT H H par psilocin H OH H oral CZ-74 H OH H oral serotonin H H H H OH oral bufotenine H H OH par IT-290 H H H H oral 4-hydroxy-alfa-methyl-tryptamine H H OH H oral MP-809 H H H oral 5-fluoro-alfa-methyl-tryptamine H H H F oral 5-methoxy-alfa-methyl-tryptamine H H H oral 4-hydroxy-diisopropyl-tryptamine i-prop i-prop H OH H oral 4-hydroxy-N-isopropyl, N-methyl-tryptamine

54. - Online Directory For Biology Education.
Online directory for biology education including algae, fungi, botany, zoology, insects and spiders, reptiles, birds, and amphibians.
TOP 20 Online ... Top 20 A-Z Make Top 20 Online your Start Page
Top 20 Biology
Listen while
you surf the web
Top 20

Music Links
Local MapQuest Citysearch Ticketmaster ZIP Code ... Top 20 Nation Guides
MSN Yahoo DMOZ ... ScoutReport Try Also Teoma LookSmart Vivisimo Images Google AltaVista Fast
News Search


Headlines ... Biology Project Top 20 Sites CSUBio Web Biology Project Biology Hypertxtbk Online Biology ... Biology Links (Subscription) Biology Place Britannica Search "Biology" Y! Biology Open Directory NBCi Biology ... eNature Books Amazon Biology Y! Books Biology Varsity Books Biology 101 The Five Kingdoms Kingdoms Tree of Life Biology Project ... BigChalk Algae/Fungi Algae Encarta Green Algae Red Algae ... BigChalk Fungi Botany Plant Kingdom Encarta Plant Biology Photosynthesis ... BigChalk Botany Zoology Biosis Zoological Records National Zoo Animal Bytes ... BigChalk Zoology Inscts/Spiders Insect World Entomology WWW Insects on WWW Iowa State ... Big Chalk Insects Marine/Fish Ichthyology Monteray Bay Fish Base Ocean Link ... BigChalk Fish Amphibians Frog Web Britannica Froggy Page Frogland ... Reptiles Herp Links Encarta Sea Turtle Basking Spot ... BigChalk Reptiles Birds Cornell Encarta About Birding About Bckyrd Birds ... BigChalk Birds Mammals Encarta Zoological Record ZR Mammalia UC Berkeley ... BigChalk Mammals Cell Biology Cell Biology Biology Project

55. Fungi Photos
fungi. Tooth fungi in Wales. Shiitake NEW. higher resolution pictureHypholoma Orleans. fungi on Miscellaneous substrates. What are these?
Tooth fungi in Wales
Shiitake NEW
higher resolution picture Hypholoma sublateritium This and the following picture were taken by Jake Nuttall, aged 11 years on the 12 Jan 2003, in a wood near Doncaster using a Nikon Coolpix 885 digital camera. Well done Jake. higher resolution picture Crepidotus variabilis
Cortinarius rubellus
Cortinarius rubellus aka speciosissimus aka orellanoides Not often that I can identify a cortinarius with certainty but I'm fairly sure I've got this one right. There were eight of these in two small groups amongst beech and pine trees. Dusseldorf Hofgarten
Libertella faginea...... on fagus Picture supplied by Dirk van Hoof more details Amanita muscaria A "Guest picture from Brian Singleton and below is another: Laetiporus sulphureus Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (The False Chanterelle) NEW Fungi of New Orleans
Fungi on Miscellaneous substrates
What are these? Pseudocraterellus sinuosus Calocera viscosa (x4) Foray January 19th 2000 Links to Other Pages ... Hypholoma fasiculare Wonderful picture of colony on treestump OK very common but I like it.

56. Xenova Group Plc
Holding company with subsidiaries which discover and develop small molecule drugs derived from naturally occurring microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria, primarily for the treatment of cancer. (Nasdaq XNVA).
Welcome to the Xenova Group plc website! This website has been constructed in order to provide a general overview of and background to the activities of Xenova Group plc, a publicly quoted biotechnology company which specialises in the discovery and development of novel drugs. Xenova is an integrated drug discovery and development company with both small molecule and biologics capabilities. Our main areas of therapeutic focus are new drugs for cancer and immunotherapy. 24 February 2003
Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2002
21 February 2003
QLT temporarily suspends new patient accrual in Phase III studies of tariquidar pending planned interim analysis
15 January 2003
Addiction Treatment Vaccines

Xenova Buyout of Residual ImmuLogic Interests

12 December 2002
Operational Review. Cost Reductions Estimated at £2m p.a. and Two New Projects into Preclinical Development

57. Welcome To FungiFest, Home To Mushroom Festivals, Mycology, Mycophagy, And Mushr
Mushroom kits, information on mushroom festivals and culture in the US and beyond.Category Shopping Food Produce Mushrooms...... CAUTION fungi Fest is not intended as an online identification ormedicinal guide to mushrooms. There are risks involved in eating
f u n g i f e s t fungifest home x x x FungiFest is dedicated to the world of mushrooms and mushroom fanatics. 2001 Italian Foray Photos NEW! Taylor Lockwood's Mushroom Journal Wow! Does the photo at left look like pearls on velvet or what? If you said, "OR WHAT!" then you don't deserve to see the rest of Larry O. Day's mushroom and nature photos. If you're of like mind, then travel to Larry's site and take a look around. His photos are available to purchase as prints. For more information go to his site and drop him an email. Got a note from the Telluride Mushroom folks. They're about to post a new website, so we'll keep YOU posted when that happens. Also - just heard from the unusually quiet Taylor Lockwood. You can find his March diary excerpt here We aren't selling any more of the jewelry until we straighten up the mess from the previous check sent to Margaret. Hopefully that will be soon. In the meantime, check out the news below. If you have any questions, please email ! Let us know about your view on the world of mushrooms, and we'll do our best to get the word out. news YES!!!

58. Mold Testing, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Asbestos Testing
fungi (mold yeast), asbestos, lead, silica, environmental and materials testing lab located in Houston, TX.
Quick Links Laboratory Services MICROBIAL SAMPLING
Cyclex D Cassette

Laro Cassette

Air-O-Cell Cassette
Flood News

Now Available..........
Get your analytical results from our new Extranet website.
Chain of Custody

Nationwide Directory

Inspection Firms
Remediation Firms EMSL Microbiology Laboratory Locations Milpitas, CA Houston, TX Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX ... Airborne Oil Mists Airborne Oxides Airborne Contaminants Allergens Alloys Asbestos Bacteria Carbon Black Cat Dander ... Chemical Analysis Coal Dust Coatings Analysis Cockroach Allergens Competitive Product Analysis Compression Testing Contaminants C orrosion Analysis Dog Dander Dust Mites ... Dust Characterization Endotoxins Elemental Analysis End Product Testing Environmental Testing F ailure Analysis ... Food Testing Forensic Analysis Formaldehyde F ull Particle Identification Fungal Identification Glove Box Studies Grain Size HVAC Efficiency I dentification of Unknowns Indoor Air Quality ... Indoor Allergens Latex Allergens Lead Legionella M an Made Vitreous Fibers(MMVF's) Materials Identification Manufacturing Defects Metals Mold Mouse Allergens Mycotoxins Nuisance Dust O ptical Particle Identification Paint Characterization Particle Identifications Particle Sizing PCR P etrographic Examinations Polymers

59. Southern Appalachian Fungi
Pictures of mushrooms from the southeastern United States, including agarics, boletes, gasteromycetes, and ascomycetes.
Southern AppalachianFungi
(and other mushroom pictures)
updated: 10/09/2001 Please send questions or comments to JohnWalker:
Basidiomycetes Agaricales Agaricaceae


Lepiotaceae Hygrophoraceae Paxillaceae Pluteaceae Strophariaceae Tricholomataceae Aphyllophorales

60. Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Researches, develops and commercializes novel antiinfectious drugs used to treat infectious diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. (Nasdaq CBST).
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