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         Calculus:     more books (100)
  1. Calculus Multivariable by Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards, 2009-01-14
  2. Calculus: An Applied Approach by Ron Larson, 2007-12-07

141. Math Index
Covers derivative and integral conversions as well as calculus rules. Includes practice exercises.Category Science Math calculus......

142. ResearchIndex Proof Theoretic Approach To Specification Languages
Thesis studies FORUM as specification language. FORUM is a higher order logic based on the logical connectives of Linear Logic. Initial example demonstrates that FORUM is well suited to specify concurrent computations by specifying the higher order Ÿ calculus.

143. Multivariable Calculus
Review quizzes for calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and other advanced math fields.Category Science Math calculus......Pic 20. Java Applets. calculus. 131A Problems. Exam 1, Math 31A, Oct 24, 2002.Sample Final 31A. Questions or comments? Send them to

144. Project Links
Contains modules for probability and statistics, discreet math, linear systems and advanced calculus. Developed by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

145. A Curry-Howard Foundation For Functional Computation With Control (1997)
Article by C.H. L. Ong and C. A. Stewart which presents a call-by-name variant of Parigot's lambda-mu calculus. The calculus is proposed as a foundation for first-class continuations and statically scoped exceptions in functional programming languages.

146. Qrhetoric Calculus - Home Page
Covers the basic derivative functions such as the derivative of polynomials. Some advanced derivative Category Science Math calculus...... I built it because of the need I had when I took calculus 1 I'd like to dowhat I can to help everyone else in that position. To the calculus already.

147. Multivariable Calculus In The Lab
Multivariable calculus in the Lab. A collection of Maple V R3 Worksheets.Used in Math 222 at Cornell, Fall 1994. Copyright Notice.

148. Regnier, Laurent
University of Marseilles Linear logic, lambda calculus and abstract machine interpretations.

149. Basic Calculus
Discusses the development of analytic geometry, derivative and integral functions dating from Archimedes Category Science Math calculus......

150. INKA Inductive Theorem Prover
Firstorder theorem prover with induction based on the explicit induction paradigm. It is based on a full first-order calculus, a special variant of the resolution calculus with paramodulation.

151. Calculus Resources
Covers limits, derivatives, integration, infinite series and parametric equations. Includes resource Category Science Math calculus......Langara College Department of Mathematics and Statistics InternetResources for the calculus Student Topics in calculus.

152. Calculus Made Easier
A tutorial covering limits, derivatives and integrals. Includes related resource links.

153. Calculus Preparation Home Page
Features general information of what calculus is and how it is applied. Includes a discussion of Category Science Math calculus High School Math......Preparing for University calculus. at Atlantic Canadian Universities. What is calculus?calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with rates of change.

154. Math Notes
Quick reference for basic algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and physics formulas. Includes online calculators.

155. Pi-Calculus Links.
Picalculus Links. Pi-calculus People. Miscellaneous. The Bibliography on MobileProcesses and the pi-calculus maintained by Björn Victor and Uwe Nestmann.

156. A Semantic View Of Classical Proofs (1996)
Article by C.H. Luke Ong presenting the semantics of classical proof theory from three prespectives a formulae-as-types characterisation in a variant of Parigot's lambda-mu calculus, a denotational characterisation in game semantics, and a categorical semantics as a fibred CCC.

157. PCPOW Home Page
Featuring Physics and calculus Problems of the Week (PCPOW).Category Science Math Education Personal and Class Pages......(Kent, WA), PCPOW (Physics and calculus Problems of the Week).

158. Global Analysis
The Convenient Setting of Global Analysis foundations of differential calculus in infinite dimensions with applications to differential geometry and global analysis by Andreas Kriegl and Peter W. Michor published by AMS in 1997. Whole book or chapters in crosslinked PDF.

159. Calculus Made Easier A Calculus Tutorial
A tutorial covering limits, derivatives and integrals. Includes related resource links.Category Science Math calculus......An introduction to the basic concepts of calculus. The derivative andintegral are explained. calculus resource links are included.

160. Statman, Richard
Carnegie Mellon University Theory of computation, lambda calculus, combinatory logic.

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